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Something is always happening in North Beach! That's why it is the favorite destination for visitors and tourists from the world over.

North Beach: The Best Place To Shop For The Holidays
Here in North Beach, we are largely insulated from the retail madness of Union Square and the Market Street shopping district. And if you were going to build a movie set depicting an idyllic Christmas, it would probably look a lot like this neighborhood.

And The Band Played On: North Beach's Music Scene Persists
From Keystone Korner and the Jazz Workshop through to Mabuhay Gardens, North Beach has hosted more serious music venues than most major cities ever enjoy. Of course, those places are gone now; all things wax and wane. But newcomers are rife, and as a result the Beach remains San Francisco's best neighborhood for live music.

SF Beer Week Pours Into North Beach
The 7X7 North Beach Beerfest. It's What You're Doing This Weekend.

North Beach Days of Summer
North Beach truly has it all, and this list focuses on lunch.  I guess that is because it is lunch time for me.  I think I will get a slice of my own advice.

We Love It Local: A North Beach Noël
It’s often said that people who live in North Beach need never leave the neighborhood; not if they don’t want to, anyway. It’s all here: the coolest shops, the best restaurants, the coziest bars, and the sunniest park benches. It’s not untrue.
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Mar 02

North Beach First Fridays

Great artwork created by the very best local North Beach artists

Jun 16

The 64th Annual North Beach Festival

San Francisco Comes To North Beach To Celebrate Our Classic Festival